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We help companies build and manage software development teams in Ukraine


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The Best

Need access to Ukraine's best software developers and engineers? No problem. We recruit the best talent from Ukraine's top universities and tech companies.


The Process

Each Wondernaut is tagged to only one client at a time, ensuring that they remain committed to your success on a full-time basis


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Case Studies


The National University of Singapore Faculty of Law approached us to design and develop an integrated pro-bono service system to...


TechSG is 'Crunchbase for Singapore', but with a whole more inter-connectivity. The open-wiki data platform is the most comprehensive listing o...


45RICE is a social enterprise that brings essential vitamins and minerals to a bowl of rice, turning empty carbs into healthy carbs. They came to us...


Refash is a venture-backed fast fashion resale and hybrid retail platform for women to buy and sell pre-loved clothing items. They came to Wonderlabs to build an offshore team to help them scale up...

Connecting You To Success And Productivity


How We Choose The Best

Personality Test

Great attitude is the cornerstone of Wonderlabs. We dig deep into each applicant’s personality. Only passionate and driven individuals are let through.

Technical Test

All applicants are put through a technical test. By examining their code responded and their past work (Github) we can ascertain their technical capabilities by individually examining their code repos and past work, we can ascertain their technical capabilities with a greater certainty.

Technical Interview

Applicants go through a technical interview with our VP or AVP Engineering before their CVs are sent to you. This is so that we can understand their their thinking processes and examine how they process information.

A Day In A Wondernaut’s Shoes

Find out more about life at Wonderlabs and learn how Wondernauts spend their time.

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Accelerating Talent

At Wonderlabs, we connect talent to success and productivity.

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Our Story

Wonderlabs is a venture-capital backed service that runs offshore software development centres in Ukraine. We recruit the country’s top engineers and have the most stringent acceptance rate (5.1%) in the industry.

Wonderlabs is a portfolio company of:

  • SPH Media Fund (Singapore)
  • Plug & Play (Silicon Valley)
  • Click Ventures (Hong Kong)